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Government Contractors Association

A Partnership

The Canyon Lake Chamber and the Government Contractors Association Announce a Passport Membership Program to Benefit their Members!

Atlanta, GA., June 1", 2023, The Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce (CLCC) and the Government Contractors Association (GA) have entered into a strategic partnership to benefit current and future members through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The goal of this Passport Membership collaboration is to combine and share programs, benefits, and resources to create greater value for all members. It is a ioint initiative where membership in one organization is recognized by the joint partner organization. This is a reciprocity of benefits program which will save time, money, and man hours in developing new resources or programs.

As Abraham Xiong, President of GCA, stated, "We treat your members as our members. When the two organizations come together to collaborate and they share their benefits and programs in a reciprocal manner, their members, communities, and small business owners win.

The Government Contractors Association is a national trade association comprised of businesses (small & large companies), government agencies, and professionals. CA provides training on winning government contracts, assists in obtaining small business certifications, facilitates connections with teaming partners/contracting officers, and advocates for greater inclusion of small business participation with government agencies/prime contractors.

The Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce is an independent non-profit organization that promotes the community's economic vitality, quality of life, and provides a united platform for the community to advance and prosper. The CLCC connects business owners, partners, and local citizens to enhance greater economic opportunities, foster a friendly business environment, and provide leadership to issues faced by business owners.

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